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WordPress is the one stop solution for developing your online presence

The internet has provided us with the scope to interact with people all across the globe. Not only has it opened the gateway into the enormous untouched knowledge but it has made it easier for us to share our knowledge with the rest of the world. Blogs are the perfect medium for the exchange of knowledge and facts. But most people find it difficult to maintain a blog. They think that it is a hectic procedure to upload their articles on the blog. Well, it was a time when blogging was a serious matter of trouble. But with the excellence achieved in the field of technology, the same situation does not prevail.

Today, we can see many people joining the blogging universe. Many of them are the masters in terms of handling their websites and blogs, while the rest are worried about doing the same. The advent of wordpress has brought an efficient solution for people who are either busy or worried. There are many companies that provide the wordpress development services. These services mean that the website and blogs are created on behalf of your business and maintained. The most interesting feature of such a service is that, about half of your work is eased down. The wordpress web development company keeps the website well maintained and makes it sure that your website is quite functional and easy to use. Many of the biggest companies in the world use wordpress for their online business activities. Therefore the importance of wordpress development can be estimated. It is seen in a survey that the total number of Internet users is going to expand to about 21% in the next 5 years. Hence, this is the perfect time you get your website developed.

WordPress development can be the most useful service your online business has come across. Not only does it make sure that your website is well developed but the functionality and benefits of the site is utilized to the maximum.

website design and development, wordpress Services

WordPress Version 4.2.2 brought our recently for Improvement of Security

The new version of WordPress, which is WordPress 4.2.2, has got released lately and this highly developed account is now being offered for download for upgrading your website and also improving its security.

This newest version got commenced on the 7th of May 2015 for adding to the safety of websites running on the earlier WordPress versions used by the wordpress development services. Upgrade to the later version and get noticeable web pages as far as functionality and features are concerned. This can be termed as a maintenance release and does aid in fixing the present bugs in a website.

WordPress 4.2.2 does resolve a couple of issues associated with safety of WordPress websites made by wordpress web development companies and these are highlighted underneath:

Package of Genericons icon font

This is made use of by a plethora of plugins and themes having HTML files that are defenseless against XSS attack. Every one of the plugins as well as themes on a WordPress site has been modernized by doing away with non-dispensable files. WordPress 4.2.2 looks after this issue by means of proactive scanning of content index of WordPress for HTML files

Cross-site scripting vulnerability

WordPress 4.2.2 mends this vulnerability concern for every single version.

WordPress 4.2.2 successfully mends 13 bugs from defense perspectives. A small number of them have been reported beneath:

Error in loading Emoji has been resolved in IE9 & 10.

Preset oEmbed

Verifying for encoding has been resolved during the time strings are sent to MySQL

Permits inquiries in dbname.tablename format

Condensed the memory used up for checking of UTF-8 encoding.

Mended an issue of modifying the mistaken index

Improvement have been made on loop detection performance in_get_term_children().

Mistaken URLs ate not going to be used forcefully any more.

WordPress version 4.2.2 is going to be beneficial in all aspects since besides providing security improvement it doe fix the bugs that go a long way in making a fully-functional WordPress website. Thus upgrade to this version without any more delay and enjoy web pages loaded with features.