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Why you must know How to use WordPress and all its Elements

Knowing about how to use WordPress and all its elements is really important particularly if you are into the internet marketing business, or are a blogger yourself. This is because knowing this will help you in terms of your online marketing campaign and to leverage your advertising efforts in the best possible manner. In addition to that, when implemented correctly, this insight will aid you to gain a good rank in Google or other search engines, which is way beneficial when you are looking to build a brand presence.

First and foremost, you should ideally know the basic aspects of operating WordPress. It is imperative in view of keeping your website or blog tidy, categorized and safe from spying eyes. WordPress does not need you to be a software expert or to master the operations of PHP or MySQL. On the contrary, it is the open source software and hence you can start working over it the moment you enter credentials and log in.

Then there are the themes and plug-ins to spice up your website or blog, and to gain a professional edge in it. You also get widgets as a user-friendly source for you and your readers. An exceptional benefit about WordPress is that it uses yours or your blog name in the URL. This helps in search engine indexing and thus simplifies search engine optimization for you.

In other words, the moment you learn how to use WordPress and all its elements, you cannot stop getting over it and start using.

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WordPress- A Beneficial development and blog System

One of the best blog systems is WordPress. If you love to build a blog, then this beneficial system is for you! Millions of people are using this blog system for blogging. Also, it is included in many web hosting programs as well. This blogging platform has become popular because it has many features that any blogger needs. There is plenty of plug-ins. This feature makes it more attractive among bloggers who want someplace to host their work.

People can use this open source software on any blog or website they want. They can install WordPress on their website by one click option. WordPress has a lot of advanced features. It is free and very easy to use. You can write and post blog posts with images. It has a lot of themes as well. This feature makes it easy to get professional looking blog. A non-technical person can easily make professional looking blog. It becomes easy for others to interact with your blog. They can leave comments as well. F5buddy team specializes in WordPress Development and beneficial Blog System.

An advantage of using this utility blog system is you can integrate blog with social media features such as Facebook or Twitter. You can easily find support for your blog. If you want to learn all about WordPress platform, tons of material is available online.


Comparison between WordPress and Blogger

WordPress and Blogger or Blogspot are both used all over the world by bloggers. Opinions on which is better would vary from person to person as per their level of comfort with either. Here is a short comparison between WordPress and Blogger:

  1. WordPress offers more themes as compared to Blogger. WordPress does not allow any template editing but it does allow Style sheet editing as a paid upgrade. On Blogger, if the Blog Feed is set to ‘Short’, Google’s Dynamic Views will not replace customized templates.
  2. WordPress offers over 120 languages Blogger has only 50 languages.
  3. Blogger allows you to use third-party scripts but WordPress does not allow any scripts at all.
  4. Blogger allows you to create up to ten pages but you cannot create a status front page. On the other hand WordPress allows you to crate static pages listed in separate menus.
  5. WordPress easily allows you to add the tag – contact – form to any page. On the other hand, Blogger allows you to add only a third party contact form.
  6. On Blogger you can restrict access to 100 invited Google account owners but on WordPress you have an infinite number of invites for WordPress account owners.
  7. Blogger allows you to transfer your domain name for free but WordPress does not allow this. You need a paid upgrade to transfer domain name.

These subtle differences between the two platforms make it better or worse for different users around the globe.

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Benefits of Using WordPress for Your Website


There are a number of benefits of using WordPress for your website. F5Buddy a leading offshore WordPress development company provides high quality WordPress development service. WordPress has gained a lot of popularity in the recent past and there are a number of reasons for the growing popularity. Some of these benefits are as follows:

  1. Easy and Fast Installation: The application called Fantastico DeLux helps you install WordPress with maximum ease.
  2. Plethora of Themes: There are a large number of themes on WordPress that you can choose from. WordPress 2.9 allows you to search and upload themes directly from your WP dashboard.
  3. Great Functionality: The good thing about WordPress is that you can have a whole new website without actually being a coder. You can build a website right from the scratch and similarly this comes in very handy when you are looking to build micro-websites.
  4. SEO Friendliness: The structure of WordPress is such that it is extremely SEO friendly and you do not have to worry about having your website externally optimized for search engines. Blogging is an absolute favorite for search engines and WordPress allows you to do that.
  5. Security: The security of your website is one of the most important factors and WordPress offers great security. Certain plug-ins tighten the security and keep hackers at bay.

The best thing is that you easily navigate through the whole WP environment with maximum ease and can you can use templates to design a fantastic website in a matter of few hours. This is perhaps the one most important reason why WordPress has become so popular.

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Benefited of WordPress Customization- F5Buddy

It has been more than 7 years now when WordPress is operational and it has seen a tremendous make-over in these years from a blogging site to a full-fledged website making tool. There are millions of websites using it and the great flexibility and easiness of WordPress Customization tool is certainly one of the prominent reasons of it. The beautiful combination of widgets and templates can help in customizing the websites without knowing programming languages. It is a great thing to use this customization up to the fullest extent and take the maximum advantage!

Key advantages of WordPress Customization!

  1. Give your website an identity: Customization allows a great flexibility to you and by using different themes and styles; you can give a face to your website. There is no limit for the creativity and imagination you can apply to make the website attractive and lively.
  2. Fortification of the content: Customized designs help you in show casing the content in the most appropriate manner. You can select and use themes going in tune with the field your website is for and underline the subject for better visibility.
  3. Unlimited choices: WordPress customization can provide you literally limitless options and you can have the perfect professional appearance for your website.
  4. Technical aspects: Apart from the aesthetic points, there are aspects like browser compatibility and flexibility can be achieved through WordPress customization. Your website can be accessed using any of the popular browsers without any disruption.

WordPress customization has provided one more reason to choose this flexible and easy tool to design your website!