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CodeIgniter developer

CodeIgniter is an authoritative PHP framework that has an awfully petite code size and it aids in the building of dynamic & custom websites / web applications swiftly. Our knowledgeable and specialized development squad is adept at utilizing the power of Codeigniter, the variety of libraries and features of it’s for web development.

F5 Buddy is a reputable web development corporation that presents high-quality CodeIgniter development services. The developer team at our disposal has outstanding technical abilities and speeds up your business abilities through the building up of feature loaded CodeIgniter applications.

F5 Buddy is committed to providing first-class web development services by the use of CodeIgniter, We are aware of the finest practice of making use of the power platform of codeigniter. All that a person has to do is write to us for a quotation.

CodeIgniter development at F5 Buddy facilitate the making of URLs that are clean & search engine friendly for efficient and authorizing web existence. Our panel of professional developers holds the technical abilities and experience for accelerating your company operations through development of feature-loaded Codeigniter applications. The key qualities of CodeIgniter applications developed by CodeIgniter developer are:

  • URLs that are Search-engine friendly
  • Trouble-free programming sans limiting coding rules
  • Entirely Modular codebase, put up around HMVC
  • PHP 4 & PHP 5 compatible
  • MVC based system
  • Trouble-free to debug
  • XML-RPC library
  • Effectual for applications that use numerous platforms
  • User administration with access control that is role-based
  • UI-based module builder
  • Ready to modify Admin Interface
  • Safety measures & XSS filtering

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