Comparison between WordPress and Blogger

WordPress and Blogger or Blogspot are both used all over the world by bloggers. Opinions on which is better would vary from person to person as per their level of comfort with either. Here is a short comparison between WordPress and Blogger:

  1. WordPress offers more themes as compared to Blogger. WordPress does not allow any template editing but it does allow Style sheet editing as a paid upgrade. On Blogger, if the Blog Feed is set to ‘Short’, Google’s Dynamic Views will not replace customized templates.
  2. WordPress offers over 120 languages Blogger has only 50 languages.
  3. Blogger allows you to use third-party scripts but WordPress does not allow any scripts at all.
  4. Blogger allows you to create up to ten pages but you cannot create a status front page. On the other hand WordPress allows you to crate static pages listed in separate menus.
  5. WordPress easily allows you to add the tag – contact – form to any page. On the other hand, Blogger allows you to add only a third party contact form.
  6. On Blogger you can restrict access to 100 invited Google account owners but on WordPress you have an infinite number of invites for WordPress account owners.
  7. Blogger allows you to transfer your domain name for free but WordPress does not allow this. You need a paid upgrade to transfer domain name.

These subtle differences between the two platforms make it better or worse for different users around the globe.


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